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Julia. Brazil.

"I think that you find your own way. You have your own rules. You have your own understanding of yourself, and that's what you're going to count on. In the end, it's what feels right to you. Not what your mother told you. Not what some actress told you. but the still, small voice."
(Meryl Streep)
“[…] And thank you to my husband for those four children that I dreamed of on the beach that day. He came along, thank god. Thank you very much.”

Meryl Streep Honored With Monte Cristo Award (x)

“For young women, I would say, don’t worry so much about your weight. Girls spend way too much time thinking about that, and there are better things. For young men, and women, too, what makes you different or weird, that’s your strength. Everyone tries to look a cookie-cutter kind of way, and actually the people who look different are the ones who get picked up. I used to hate my nose. Now, I don’t.”
“Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.”
- Yasmin Mogahed (via petrichour)